Education Does Not Equal Intelligence


I could really care less about how bad of a childhood he had. Do the crime, do the time. Also, let’s find out about his terrorist buddies.
Check it out:

Tamerlan Tsarnaev has posttraumatic stress disorder because of bombs while he was in kindergarten in Chechnya. She doesn’t say this conclusively, she’s speculating. So I wonder right from the beginning does Tamerlan have PTSD attributed to the war trauma from when he was a child. It’s a great family, and they were educated, a wonderful family. Yeah, so is bin Laden from a great family, and highly educated, and so was al-Zawaqi or whatever his name, bin Laden’s number two. And the Muslim Brotherhood are well educated, and they all come from wealthy families.

What is it, people have this notion that these terrorists are dirt poor? That’s not the case. Certainly not among the leadership. But note again the question. Dzhokhar, the surviving suspect, he’s been in our country longer than he was overseas. He’s an American citizen. What would be the key to radicalize him? Could he have been radicalized here? Don’t forget the quotes we had from his buddies: Well, yeah, he’s filled with this anti-American stuff, but we hear that all the time here in Cambridge. Isn’t any big deal. Yes, it is.



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