Earth Day: Left Celebrates Murderer’s Idea


Since murder is a liberal concept this just comes with the territory.
Check it out:

This is Earth Day today, too, by the way, folks. Earth Day is April 22nd. Does the name Ira Einhorn mean anything to you? Ira Einhorn is the founder of Earth Day. Yeah, he did, Snerdley. Way to go. Good memory. Ira Einhorn actually murdered his girlfriend, I believe, and sliced her up. An American convicted murderer and former environmentalist wacko, Ira Einhorn, “beat his ex-girlfriend, Holly Maddux, to death and then stored her body in a locked trunk in his apartment for more than a year — about 18 months — before she was discovered by the police. He fled to Europe and was convicted 25 years later for her murder in 2002 and is serving a life sentence.” He is the co-founder of Earth Day and he supports a carbon tax, just as does Thomas L. Friedman.

So another great hero of the left. Ira Einhorn is being celebrated today by environmentalist wackos because this is Earth Day. Bill Ayers, former domestic terrorist, homemade bombs, his weapon of choice. Ira Einhorn, co-founder, Earth Day, convicted murderer. Another highly respected, honored leftist icon. By the way, again, Ira Einhorn supports a carbon tax. You add the carbon tax to the 70% income tax, it is hard to imagine what life in this country would be like 10 years from now if Obama and the Democrats win in 2014.



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