Dr. Ben Carson Responds to Critics of His Conservative Views: “I Don’t Plan on Going Anywhere”


Liberals are so two faced.
Check it out:

Tonight on a special edition of Hannity, the show tackled controversial issues surrounding race in American society. The basis of the show came about after the attacks Dr. Ben Carson received when he delivered a speech criticizing the Obama administration at the National Prayer Breakfast.

Sean Hannity said, “The backlash that he faced […] in the weeks and months that followed was anything but respectful. In many cases it was mean spirited, it was baseless, and in some cases, downright racist.”

Dr. Carson weighed in on tonight’s show. He said, “Once the media gets finished parsing every word and dissecting, maybe they’ll start actually listening to what I’m saying.”

“As a brain surgeon, you know, I don’t tend to see race and talk about race a whole lot because when I open the head up and I’m operating on the brain, that’s the thing that makes a person who they are,” Dr. Carson told Hannity. “The color doesn’t make them who they are. And it’s only people who are very superficial in their thinking who characterize everything by its color.”



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