Doomberg Says the Knock-Off Jihadis Were Going to Bomb Times Square


Liberals have zero clue how to deal with terrorists.
Check it out:

Now, Mayor Doomberg and the police commissioner in New York are saying that the two bombers intended to go to New York City, Times Square, and blow it up.

Now, yesterday that wasn’t the story. Yesterday the two bombers were gonna go to New York and party. They told the guy whose car they hijacked that they were going to New York. That news got out, and the conventional wisdom in the Drive-By Media, “Well, of course they weren’t gonna bomb New York, these are just a couple of –” what did Biden call them? They were knock-off jihadis. Did you hear that? Biden had called ’em “knock-off jihadis.” Did you hear that? That means they’re not real jihadis. They’re just a couple of amateurs. They’re just the scrubs on the bench, knock-off jihadis, like the fake Rolex that you would buy on a street corner on Fifth Avenue. They’re just knock-off jihadis, not the real thing.

So after they successfully blew up the marathon, yeah, they said they were going to New York, but we know they were just going to party. Well, today for some reason Mayor Doomberg and the police commissioner said, “No, they weren’t coming here to party; they were coming here to blow us up.” I’ve got Biden saying it somewhere, stick with me here, folks. Number 10. Biden yesterday, Cambridge, Massachusetts, MIT, at the memorial service for the police officer there Sean Collier, this is the vice president of the United States.



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