Terrorists are pretty sick and evil.
Check it out:

In Makhachkala, Russia, the father of the suspects, Anzor Tsarnaev, told the AP by telephone, “My son is a true angel.”

And MotherJones reported Tamerlan had a YouTube page “where he posted religious videos, including a video of Feiz Mohammad, a fundamentalist Australian Muslim preacher who rails against the evils of Harry Potter.”

The report said the videos include one “dedicated to the prophecy of the Black Banners of Khurasan which is embraced by … al-Qaida.”

“The prophecy states that an invincible army will come from the region of ‘Khurasan,’ a large portion of territory in central Asia.”

Aaron Zelin, of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, told MotherJones it is an al-Qaida “end-time prophecy.”

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