Dems Want to Separate You from Your Guns


Since once they have our guns, they’ll have nothing to fear and their takeover can become reality.
Check it out:

The Democrats want to do away with the Second Amendment, and if they can, they want to end up registering every gun and its owner in this country. Their ultimate objective is to see to it that nobody has any. That’s what’s on tap.

Now, no Democrat’s going to admit that. Well, very few of them will, and it’s not something that they expect to be able to accomplish tomorrow. But all these gun control skirmishes have a long view and a long-term policy objective to the left, and that is to get rid of everybody’s guns, take guns away from people have them. They don’t like the Second Amendment. If they could, they’d write it out of the Constitution. Barring that, they’ll come up with ways to override it. And if you don’t want to admit that that’s what this is all about, then you’re really not up to speed on it.

All these skirmishes are just that, they’re skirmishes that are part of the larger Democrat Party objective to render the Second Amendment meaningless, to render it powerless. They say this in so many words. In fact, when they deny it they give up the game. They oftentimes deny that charge without anybody leveling it. They often say, “Well, we don’t want to take your guns away. We love hunting.” And they give the game up right then and there.



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