Democrats Outraged by Obama Budget


This is hilarious. Liberals not understanding that Obama’s budget isn’t real and most likely won’t even get a vote. I guess my mistake is putting logic with a liberal.
Check it out:

Business Insider has a story: “Outraged Liberals Say Obama Is About To Screw Over The Very People Who Got Him Elected.” I’m gonna give you a pull quote from this: “‘It’s really a slap in the face to Democrats who knock on doors and volunteer for campaigns,’ DFA spokesman Neil Sroka told Business Insider. ‘It hits at the very foundation of what it means to be a Democrat, and you’re going to see primary challenges emerge. Any Democrat who votes to cut Social Security and Medicare is not a progressive Democrat, and they should be prepared to feel the ire of the progressive base.'”

“Liberals descended on Pennsylvania Avenue Tuesday to protest President Barack Obama’s decision to include entitlement cuts in his upcoming budget, delivering 2 million petitions demanding the White House back off its support for the chained CPI. As [Business Insider] reported this weekend, liberals have been seething over the inclusion of the chained CPI in Obama’s budget, which they see as a huge betrayal by the Democratic president.” Linking things to inflation is how Obama’s justifying his cuts, and they don’t like that chain, that link.

“This week, progressive groups, including, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, and Democracy for America, have mounted ’emergency’ online campaigns against the proposal, accusing Obama of turning on the very supporters who helped re-elect him to office., PCCC, and Democracy for America are also threatening Democratic lawmakers against supporting entitlement cuts. Politico reports today that the three groups have sent ‘strongly worded letters’ to Democrats in Congress warning that they could face a primary challenge from the left if they back Obama’s proposals.”



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