Democrat recants story of Kentucky Progress members taping McConnell meeting

Mitch McConnell, John Barrasso, Jon Kyl, John Cornyn

Like you can believe anything a democrat says.
Check it out:

The Democrat who implicated two members of the liberal super PAC Progress Kentucky in the secret taping of a campaign strategy meeting for Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell is changing his story.

Jacob Conway, a member of the Jefferson County Democratic Executive Committee, said Friday he might have talked to only one of the men he accused, according to The Courier-Journal.

Conway told the newspaper he is certain he talked with volunteer Curtis Morrison about the recording, but might not have spoken with Executive Director Shawn Reilly, contradicting what he said a day earlier.

“I had a lot of conversations with both of them during that time period, and maybe I was just confused, and maybe Shawn never said anything,” Conway said.



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