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Conservative leaders responded strongly late Friday to remarks made by Republican National Committee Chief of Staff Mike Shields on Tuesday about “the professional right.”

RNC Spokesperson Sean Spicer clarified those remarks to Breitbart News, explaining that Shields “was trying – albeit somewhat in artfully – to make a clear distinction between the inside the beltway professionals and the thousands of conservative grassroots activists like his mom that give of their time and treasure to elect conservatives.”

Brent Bozell, Chairman of ForAmerica, told Breitbart News that Shields’s remarks to a meeting sponsored by the Ripon Society on Tuesday “weren’t ‘inartful’ comments, they were insulting.” According to Bozell, “[i]t is RNC Chief of Staff Mike Shields who made them and it is he, not some spokesman, who needs to walk them back, and apologize. Then he should pledge to have the RNC cut itself off from the ‘beltway professionals,’ the consultant ‘experts’ who squandered hundreds of millions of donor dollars and who damn near destroyed the GOP.”

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