BREAKING: Marathon Bombing ‘Suspect 2’ Captured Alive


Wow. What a day. Some amazing coverage of this event.
Check it out:

The manhunt for the surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing ended late Friday with police capturing Dzhokar Tsarnaev, who had been hiding on a boat in Watertown, Mass.

Tsarnaev’s arrest ended the four-day hunt for the suspected bombers of the Boston Marathon on Monday.

Tsarnaev’s capture happened fairly quickly. It started shortly after an update on the investigation in which law enforcement announced that the lockdown on Boston and the surrounding area had been lifted.

Just after that gunshots sounded in Watertown, where officials suspected Tsarnaev had been hiding. A fleet of police cars sped to surround the suspect. What followed was a standoff as law enforcement officials eventually closed in on Tsarnaev, who was reportedly hiding in a boat behind a Watertown home.



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