Biden Strongarms GOP Senators on Gun Control


Does anyone take Biden seriously?
Check it out:

Vice President Joe Biden is again plying the phones, calling his former colleagues on Capitol Hill, and bending ears over the President’s gun control ideas.

His calls are coming on a “near-daily basis” as President Barack Obama mounts another push for gun control. Biden has held private meetings with Republican Senators such as John McCain (AZ), Lindsey Graham (SC) and, Johnny Isakson (GA), and will be haunting the offices of Capitol Hill in the days ahead.

It appears that President Obama is relying on Biden to leverage the relationships he built when as a long-serving Senator from Delaware to cajole Congress into acquiescing to new gun control laws.

“President Obama is the strategist and Vice President Biden is the tactician,” Democratic consultant Chris Kofinis told The Hill. “I think the president is laying out the frame, the message, the vision about where we need to go and why. The vice president understands how to make that happen. You have two interlocking pieces that work very well together.”



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