Ban Pressure Cookers and Ball Bearings!


This makes as much sense as anything else they do in Washington.
Check it out:

Private sales of pressure cookers? I don’t know how you stop that. How you gonna stop a pressure cooker private sale? My grandmother didn’t like hers and wanted to sell it to somebody down the street, how you gonna stop that? I don’t know unless you register them. That would be the only way you would know. If there’s an exchange of pressure cookers, you know, from one person to — well, that’s another thing, too. I was gonna mention that. I don’t know why a private citizen needs ball bearings. What in the name of Sam Hill does anybody, in a private home in this country, need with ball bearings? No. You won’t find any ball bearings in my house. I’m gonna get some now, but you wouldn’t find any ball bearings in my house.

Well, I take that back. There may be ball bearings being used in the construction of the house or something, but, I mean, I do not have a supply of ball bearings. We do have some here? Well, we have some ball bearings here in the EIB Southern Command in the tech office, but I don’t think I’ve got any ball bearings at home. We do have monkey balls? Buckyballs. Oh. That’s right. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the magnets in shape of balls. They tried to put those guys out of business, right? The Buckyball guys. The guy called here.

Interesting. I just got a note here: Fidel Castro just recently allowed pressure cookers to be sold in Cuba. Well, he gave free rice cookers when there wasn’t any rice, but he gave free rice cookers years ago. There wasn’t any rice. Pressure cookers were against the law in Cuba until very recently. I’m not kidding. They were against the law. Now they’re legal. You can buy one if you can find it.



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