So the place with the strongest gun laws and highest murder rate is the fault of the NRA? Wow, and they somehow say conservatives are out of touch.
Check it out:

On Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” former Obama advisor David Axelrod said that Chicago’s problems with gun violence would be greatly improved if tougher gun control laws were passed at the federal level.

Axelrod cited a CBS poll from last week that showed some deterioration in the public’s support for stricter gun laws, but noted a portion of the poll that showed strong support for universal background checks.

“I’ll tell you what I find remarkable, and not just that 90 percent, including 86 percent of Republicans support background checks. But now they’re going after the trafficking laws — 86 percent of Americans support the background checks, expanded background checks. And more than 90 percent, 86 percent of Republicans.”

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