All You Want to Do is Go to the Doctor!


It’s all about control.
Check it out:

All people want to go is go to the doctor. That’s all they want to do, get sick, go to the doctor. Now look what they’re gonna have to do. They’re gonna have to keep their income low if they don’t have employer-provided health insurance. And, by the way, that’s not even gonna be a factor in five years. There isn’t gonna be any employer-provided health insurance if Obama gets his way. But that’s another discussion. So if people don’t have employer based health — and our last caller, Jennifer, she doesn’t have employer based health care. What is she gonna do? She’s gonna go to the exchange, and it’s gonna be in her best interests to have no income.

Now, how is that helping anybody? How does that help the country? How does that inspire people to greatness? How does that inspire people to making something of themselves and their life? The objective, you’re gonna have to make sure you don’t earn very much so that your health care subsidy will be high. Sorry, that’s not a recipe for greatness. “Mr. Limbaugh, we’re not talking about that many people.” Yes, we are. That’s the sad thing. We’re gonna be talking about more and more people, as this economy continues to stagnate along, as wages continue to stagnate, as inflation continues to go up.

This is gonna end up ensnaring a lot of people. The message we’re sending is: don’t earn too much. And it’s not just here. If you earn too much, you don’t qualify for food stamps. And they want you to stay qualified. So the government will help you find ways to keep your income low. How is that helping anybody? I’m sorry. It may be rooted in compassion. I understand how people will fall for that. But I don’t think human dignity? This is not something that we ought to be advising people to do. If I were growing up today, and my dad said, “Now, son, when you get out there and start working, don’t earn too much, ’cause then you won’t qualify for X, Y, Z.” You know that kind of education is going on today.



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