13-year-old suspended for bringing butter knife to school


What a joke. So what do they use in the cafeteria? Heck you could cause more harm with forks then this dull blade.
Check it out:

Welcome to Wamsutta Middle School in Attleboro Massachusetts, where bringing a butter knife to school will land you a suspension. That was the fate of 13-year-old student Morgan LaPlaume, who brought the knife with her to cut her pear at lunch. Morgan has braces on her teeth, so she can’t just bite into it.

Normally, you’d need a bubble gun, a piece of paper shaped like a gun, or a dangerous looking pop-tart to get this kind of hysteria. In Attleboro, however, it’s apparently butter knives that strike fear in the hearts of teachers. The “weapon” violated the school’s zero-tolerance policy, so Morgan’s assistant principal dragged her into the office and handed her a one day suspension.

She wasn’t brandishing it, she wasn’t threatening anyone with it, she was simply using it to eat her lunch.

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