126 Federal Anti-Poverty Programs

Get government out of it and let charities take care of it.
Check it out:

U.S. taxpayers now fund 126 separate federal anti-poverty programs each year.

The startling statistic was just one of many presented in an eye-opening one-hour Sean Hannity special titled “Boomtown 2: The Business of Food Stamps.” The program, which featured Government Accountability Institute President and Co-Founder Peter Schweizer and Breitbart News Executive Chairman and GAI Co-Founder Stephen K. Bannon, uncovered how corporations bag billions from taxpayer-funded poverty programs.

CATO Institute fellow Michael Tanner says those 126 anti-poverty programs have grown exponentially under President Barack Obama:

In 2011 the federal government spent roughly $668.2 billion on those 126 programs. That represents an increase of more than $193 billion since Barack Obama became president. This is roughly two and a half times greater than any increase over a similar time frame in U.S. history.

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