You’d Think God Had Spoken…


It’s going to happen. Our best hope is to make sure that it’s equal rights, not special rights.
Check it out:

I simply proclaim the inevitability of gay marriage, and you would think that God has spoken on this. Honestly! On the left, you would think God has spoken on this.

I kid you not. There’s an element, however, that everybody — at least that I’ve seen or heard, and we got sound bites galore on this — is leaving out in reporting my claim yesterday that gay marriage in America is inevitable. What they’re leaving out is rather crucial, in terms of why I made the statement. If you recall, I made that statement after sharing with you the details of a Politico story about two Republican consultants, combined with 75 Republicans who signed on to the amicus brief supporting gay marriage at the Supreme Court to overturn Proposition 8.

The Politico story said that the belief in the elite leadership levels of the Republican Party is to not fight it, to let the Supreme Court decide it. In fact, the desire is that the Supreme Court issue a sweeping ruling and make gay marriage legal in every state. When I saw that, what I interpreted is, “The Republican Party wants the issue to go away.” That’s what the consultants in The Politico story said, and one of them was from Florida. I forget where the other one was from, but it wasn’t just those two.



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