Why Draw the Line at Couples?


Some interesting points to ponder here. Wait til they start talking about someone wanting to marry their pet!
Check it out:

Now, here’s the problem. What’s the limit? Where do you draw the line on polyamory? Two women and one man? One women and six men? Three women and two men? Twelve people? Where do you draw the line? The line has not been drawn. The polyamorists don’t want any such lines. They don’t want any limits whatsoever. A great example of this would be the famous rapper Shawty Lo. Remember him? He was gonna have that great TV show, the rapper in Atlanta. The Oxygen network canceled it. Boy, this guy was ahead of his time. This guy had 11 kids with ten baby mamas. They canceled this show because it was upsetting. But this guy fits right in now. That show could be exactly what’s called for, especially to humiliate Roberts. You know, you could put that show on a DVD and drop it off at Roberts’ office and say, “Here, these are my friends.”

So it is happening out there within the Unitarian church. But the headline of this story is: “Many Unitarians Would Prefer That Their Polyamory Activists Keep Quiet.” In other words, don’t talk about it, don’t call attention to what we’re doing here, just do it. If you have a spiritual wholeness and an intimate relationship with three people, do it, but don’t tell anybody. Don’t run around and brag about it when you go to the IHOP, you know, just do it. And this church is growing.



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