Why Did Conservatives Stay Home in ’12?


CALLER: I have a theory why part of the people may have stayed home and not voted, and I know it’s gonna sound strange. But I know personally myself and a lot of people I know were being bombarded with so many phone calls. We were averaging 40 to 45 phone calls a day. That’s just about impossible.

RUSH: From all the candidates? I mean, not just presidential, but everybody calling you?

CALLER: All the different groups. Most of it was presidential. A lot of it. Some of it was for senators, you know, other positions, in this area.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: But it was just all day long. On top of that you got your mail, and 85% of it was political mail, and then you turn on the TV and you had the nasty ads. I think people just got burnt out. I voted. I’ve never missed one. I’m 60. I’ve never missed an election in my life since I was old enough to vote. But I know of several people that finally put up their hands and where they were enthusiastic initially, they’d just had it.

RUSH: It could be a factor. It could be ’cause those robo-calls were all over the place. But you know what you need? Were you getting those calls, too, and you’re all bent out of shape about it?

CALLER: Yes. I got to the point where I told my family that if they needed to get me, call me on my cell. I wasn’t answering my house phone anymore.

RUSH: Well, I was gonna say, dump the land line and get a cell phone. The pollsters and those people don’t have that numbers.

CALLER: Oh, I actually got a couple on the cell, too. (chuckling) They’re randomly picking numbers.

RUSH: Well, wait ’til they get all of our cell phone numbers. That’s the next thing that’ll probably happen. Anyway, that’s as good a theory as any. In addition to that, I also think there was a significant percentage of the conservative base that was just fed up. They looked at Obama as a sitting duck. I mean, this economy is in bad shape, everything’s horrible, Benghazi is happening. But they didn’t see any apparent, real desire to win. They said, “Why should I support this?” After they had sent a bunch of money in, probably.



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