When the Media Becomes the Story


And somehow the liberals claim to believe in the supposed fairness doctrine and equal time.

I’m gonna make a prediction to you. You’re gonna think this is really wrong and totally erroneous and late and everything else. But it wasn’t that long ago — and don’t doubt me on this — it wasn’t that long ago where, in the case of the mainstream media, they really did not want the anchors and reporters to become news.

They really didn’t want them to ever become part of the story or to be the story. Today that’s out the window. They all love it now. It’s a major change. And my prediction to you is they’re gonna come to rue the day where they allowed that to happen. It’s just a gut instinct feel. I can’t predict something solid. I can’t tell you, “And here’s what’s gonna happen as a result of –” although they already are losing respect. I’ll tell you what it is. Illustration. I’ve always believed, because I’m a profound advocate of the Constitution. The Constitution granting a role to the media is very, very important and serious. None of this was a game to the founders. The founding of this country, the writing of the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, none of it, the Revolutionary War, none of it was a game. It was dead serious.

They were about the creation and the maintenance, creating and maintaining forever a country governed by the Constitution. And I think when the lines blur and when the media becomes no different, when the media becomes part of the establishment, when the media is the story and when the management of media likes their journalist becoming part of the story, it actually creates a breakdown in credibility, moral authority, believability, and similar related things. It’s always bothered me, and I’m not proficient, I’m really not good at explaining this. I’ve tried explaining it any number of ways.



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