What is There to Hate About America?


I think he’s been raised and educated like every other liberal in America has to believe that our founding was unjust and immoral and set up for a precious few white people and everybody else got the scraps and that we were a slave country and that we’re filled with racism and bigotry and discrimination and homophobia and syphilis, you name it. And for this reason there is an instinctive dislike. I know that Obama looks at the Constitution as an obstacle to what he wants. I mean, he is desirous of more and more and more power. Every time I hear him say he’s not a dictator, he doesn’t complete the statement, “but I wish I was.” So you think that’s where he’s headed. You think that’s what he wants to do. But according to Reagan’s theory, that will someday have to implode on itself because of the lack of morality. And, by the way, the lack of morality, that’s not an insignificant statement, by the way.

You know, people laugh at morality these days. Morality is an old-fashioned concept. Old people care about that. The young, hip bar scene crowd, morality, what the hell’s that? That’s for old people. But it really is. This whole country was founded on the sense of morality, right and wrong, as two basic concepts, which are discernible. But the left wants even those lines blurred. But whatever Obama really wants and whether he knows what he’s doing, the fact of the matter remains that the 230-year-old engine of prosperity in this country is under assault. The characteristics of this country that led us to the most prosperity the world’s ever known, superpower status and all that, is under assault. There’s no question about it. That is undeniable.

Now, some people think it’s being done on purpose. Others think these clowns have no idea what they’re doing, they’re a bunch of idealists, and they think they’re actually trying to improve things. There’s any number of theories about this. But if you strip away all the theories, there’s nobody that can deny that our economy is worsening, that prospects for its improvement are worsening. There’s a genuine malaise throughout the country, a general dissatisfaction and unhappiness with the way things are and the direction we’re going. What’s stunning to me is that nobody associates any of that with the government, other than Republicans. They don’t associate any of this with Obama. That’s never happened before.



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