What Do Republican Consultants Secretly Desire on Gay Marriage?


Since this is such a distraction from the real issues, I can see their point. My fear is still with more special rights.
Check it out:

I ran across a story in the Politico, and the headline got me. It sucked me in there. The headline is: “The SCOTUS Ruling the GOP Really Wants.”

Okay, now, what did that tell me?

That told me that the Republicans actually want something here that nobody would believe that they want, and it turned out that my interpretation was right. Essentially this story is sourced by two Republican consultants. The names are not that familiar to me, and what these consultants had told The Politico is that this issue is so potentially damaging to the Republicans because they’re so out of it culturally, they should just get this issue — gay marriage — off the table.

The fastest way to do that is for the Supreme Court to make gay marriage legal in all 50 states and therefore the issue is gone. It’s not something the Democrats can criticize the Republicans for going into the 2014 elections, and let’s just get it out of the way. It doesn’t matter anyway. The economy is what matters. I read this and I got into more detail, and my initial reaction to this was, “Well, okay, let’s just get rid of another issue. Let’s just give up another core belief, because we don’t want to be criticized for holding it.

“So let’s just get rid of this core belief and move on to the next one.” It reminded me that this is exactly how the Republicans have behaved philosophically in all of these budget skirmishes. From the end-of-the-year fiscal cliff to the sequester to whatever it was, the Republican leadership said, “You know, let’s let Obama have this, and then we’ll really take it to him on the sequester.” That’s what they said on the fiscal cliff. Then the sequester came, they said, “You know, let’s not fight this.



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