We Live in a Low-Information Universe


Here we were, folks, go back to the latter part of the year. Go back to the last two weeks of December, even the whole month of December, and we’re all waiting for an event. Something that is going to awaken the American people. Something that is going to open their eyes to the truth of Obama and his regime. We’ve explained it until we’re blue in the face. We’ve tried everything we could think. We’ve used every word there is. We’ve tried every persuasive tactic that we know. We’ve tried honesty. We’ve tried cajoling. We’ve tried anecdotes. We’ve tried illustrations. We’ve done everything we can except, I should say, an effective TV ad campaign. But other than that we’ve done everything.

Waiting for this seminal event, something that’s going to awaken the American people so they realize what’s happening, this is an offshoot of the Limbaugh Theorem. Obama does not attach to anything bad happening in the country. His policies are universally opposed by people, but his policies are not deemed to have any effect on what’s happening in the country as far as low-information voters are concerned. It’s the most amazing thing, even to this day I’m still amazed by it. The American people, en masse, think the country’s headed in the wrong direction. They don’t like Obama’s policies but they love him, although his approval numbers are plummeting. Well, I wouldn’t say plummeting yet, but he’s under 50% in more than one poll, that’s right. He’s 47% in the Gallup poll, disapproval at 50.

So his approval numbers are coming down, but they weren’t in December. So we’re sitting around, “Okay, we’ve tried everything.” And people think, “Okay, wait ’til the payroll tax holiday ends and the first paychecks that people get in January, they’re gonna see their take-home pay go down, and then they’re gonna know.” What Bernie Marcus just said is that he talked to some of his business buddies, and they told him that employees are blaming the companies, not the government. Employees are blaming the employer for their take-home pay being reduced. How does that happen? When did it ever start? I have never, ever in my entire working life assumed that my employer had anything to do with the deductions in my paycheck. I’ve always known what taxes are. I’ve always known what the payroll tax is and how much it is.



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