WaPo Fact-Checker Blasts White House Sequester Scare Tactics


“The sequester is not something that I’ve proposed. It is something that Congress has proposed.” – Barack Obama

The President of the United States is lying. He’s not lying about his personal life sex ala Bill Clinton, he’s lying about policy. And he’s not just lying, he’s brazenly lying; audaciously lying. Obama and the media know the stakes in this battle are enormous. If the GOP and sequester can’t be blamed for our failed economy, Obama and his big government philosophy will be.

That simply can’t be allowed to happen.

“Good heavens” the media is thinking. “What if the people start to compare Obama and Reagan’s approach to handling a devastated economy!?”

So, Obama lies. And for the most part the media had blindly played right along. But thanks to Bob Woodward leading the way, a few brave members of the media’s Cult of Obama have woken up (if only for a moment) and risked a backlash from their colleagues by reporting the truth about Obama and his sequester lies.



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