Moochelle Obama is featured on the cover of the latest Vogue magazine. Have you seen it? She looks hot on that cover, Snerdley, you have to admit. I don’t know what your thoughts on the bangs are, but Moochelle looks hot, and then there’s this paragraph: “The president and the first lady and all that they are doing to inspire Americans,” and I about choked at that. Because, if anything, that’s not what they’re doing. There’s no inspiration coming out of the White House.

There’s no uplifting anything, practically from anybody in Washington.

There isn’t any uplift. There isn’t any inspiration, motivation. Everybody’s doom and gloom. I remember one day I was watching Oprah and George Gilder was on. Do you remember George Gilder? George Gilder was a philosopher, a writer, a social scientist, a number of things. He had written at the time — this is the late eighties/early nineties — a number of tracts on the relationships between men and women, their relationship to culture and society and how women, in his view, were civilizing.

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