TSA Spends $50 Million on New Uniforms


CALLER: Hey, I’m a former general manager for Northwest Airlines, and I’m far from a fan of the TSA. I heard you talking about the petty White House canceling the tours at the White House and then on the other hand I’m hearing that TSA agents are getting new uniforms, at something like a thousand dollars a pop. It’s gonna come out to $50 million, and I was kind of wondering how many tours the White House could run for $50 million. The TSA is that same group that spent, what, $700,000 for an awards ceremony —

RUSH: Wait a second. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait a minute. I had not seen that a TSA uniform is a thousand dollars.

CALLER: I don’t know if they’re getting multiple uniforms or what, but $50 million has been appropriated to the TSA for the agents to get new uniforms.

RUSH: Well, if they’ve been wearing the same uniforms for the last, say, ten years, it might be time for a change.

CALLER: It’s not. They’ve had several uniforms and the TSA is the same group that spent $700,000 for an awards ceremony three years after they started, Rush, and they handed out lifetime achievement awards.



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