The Weakest Link: Left Targets Justice Roberts–Again


Benedict Roberts. He’s been part of the liberal left in my book since he ruled for Obamacare. How can he not be when he rules that way.
Check it out:

It worked last time. Last year, when oral arguments in the Obamacare case seemed to go against the administration, the left targeted Chief Justice John Roberts with a series of attacks from President Barack Obama on down. The attacks may have worked, as Roberts apparently changed his vote and upheld Obamacare by effectively rewriting the legislation itself to define the individual mandate as a tax.

The attacks on Roberts last year included President Obama’s general–and bizarre–assertion that the Supreme Court could not overturn congressional legislation, as well as a direct attack on Roberts by Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT), who admonished the Chief Justice about “the proper role of the judicial branch.” The left media joined in enthusiastically, bullying the Chief Justice into deferring to Congress and the President.

This time, the charge is being led by the left media, including Ryan Grim of the Huffington Post, who penned a front-page article attacking Roberts for his past rulings on race and discrimination. Roberts’s Obamacare decision, or his support for overturning most of Arizona’s allegedly discriminatory immigration law (another 2012 debacle) apparently earned no points from Grim, who castigates Roberts for ignoring race.



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