The Simple Answer is Conservatism


It all combines into a losing proposition, is the bottom line, and it’s so simple. You’re right, the simple answer is conservatism. It does win, every time. The American people, we talked about this earlier in the program. If you weren’t with us, folks, it’s amazing. There’s a story in PJ Media today. It’s actually a poll taken at They ran a bunch of policy and solutions to problems by people that were conservative ideas and conservative solutions, and by 55 to 60% in these polls people overwhelmingly supported ’em.

Then they found out, then they were told that the ideas were supported by Republicans, and they ran the other way. They outlined a Democrat senator’s proposal, Patty Murray, they outlined her proposal, it drew 28%. The liberal idea got 28%, the conservative solution, 55 to 58%, but when people found out that it was Republican, they ran the other way. So it’s not the ideas, is the point.



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