The Polarization of America on Display in NCAA Tournament Coverage


This is pretty sad. Can’t even have a basketball game without a political debate breaking out.
Check it out:

There is an Internet sports site called SB Nation. I think it’s called SB Nation. I’m not sure. That’s close enough. The other day they were covering, on their website, a playoff game in the NCAA tournament, they posted a picture of eight or nine “white guy” fans who were cheering their team’s victory. This blog posted a picture of these guys, and made fun of ’em for being “too white.” They it looked like “spastics” the way they were cheering, and why were they even there in the first place?

I saw the picture. These guys were just enjoying the game. Their team was winning, or did win. These guys were in their fifties and sixties, and they were just excoriated, laughed at, impugned, and mocked for cheering in a way that was “just too white.” Now we go to last night on CBS Road to the Final Four pregame show, panel discussion before Marquette-Miami. The cohost Greg Anthony said to coanalyst Doug Gottlieb, “I think we’re gonna have four terrific games tonight, Doug. I think they’re gonna be pretty evenly matched, as it should be for the Sweet 16.”



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