The Left Comes for Bob Woodward


Woodward did report that the sequester was Obama’s idea, got into big trouble. But Lauer wondered, “Why are you doing this, Bob? Why are you going off the reservation?” So that was Matt Lauer. Now, Woodward is trying to stave off the death panel here because BuzzFeed, a bunch of people have put it out there, the big news in Washington today is that everybody’s waiting for Woodward to die. I’m not making this up. This was on a website. It’s been talked about on TV now. The upshot is that all these reporters in Washington, they don’t really like Woodward. They resent him. Human nature is what it is.

We’ve been thinking all this time that Woodward is a god, that Woodward is an idol, that Woodward is a guy they really look up to, the guy that inspired them to get into journalism. Woodward is the guy they all want to be. Woodward is the guy you can rely on. Woodward’s the guy that got access, Woodward is it. Woodward is the king of the hill. And it turns out that now that Woodward’s gotten in trouble, a bunch of reporters, lower level to be sure, are now coming out and expressing the fact that Woodward is not highly respected. He’s not even well liked, and they’re talking about how a whole bunch of people are just waiting for Woodward to die because a lot of people have the goods and a bunch of dirt on Woodward. They can’t report it while he’s alive.

There are others, like at, who are raising the possibility that the whole Watergate story, or big parts of the Watergate story, were made up. And the only reason they ended up in the paper is because Ben Bradlee let them end up in the paper, but that Woodward and Bernstein were making stuff up left and right. So the long knives are out. Bob Woodward is in trouble. And it’s amazing. When Dan Rather did a phony report on Bush and the National Guard, Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings circled the wagons to protect Dan Rather. Now, big difference. A Republican was president, George W. Bush.



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