The GOP’s Real Problem is Simple


I gotta be very, very careful in discussing this. I have to be very careful because Reince Priebus went out and announced the new Republican Party rebranding and marketing plan. Now, I have been in marketing. Marketing is a multifaceted discipline that has one objective and that is to separate people from their money. And sales is part of marketing.

Now, one thing that I’ve always believed in, as somebody in marketing, is you don’t tell anybody how you’re gonna separate them from their money. You just do it. You don’t give them any ammo to resist you. You just do it. You just show up and execute the plan. I remember when I worked for the Kansas City Royals I was in sales and marketing, and the off season was the busiest time ’cause the off season is when you planned everything you’re gonna do, marketing-wise, to sell baseball tickets the next season. The one thing that sells tickets better than anything else is a winning team and that’s the one thing you have no control over. You have no control over whether the team’s gonna win so you have to come up with creative, innovative ways to get people to the ballpark regardless. But we never told anybody how we were gonna do it.



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