The media’s not gonna credit the Republicans for anything. Obama’s not gonna credit the Republicans for anything. And if the American people, on their own, attribute positive economic numbers to the sequester, which they don’t even understand — I’m not trying to be negative here. Obama’s out talking the economy down now, other than the stock market, which is another thing. You know, the stock market’s doing well simply because the Federal Reserve has been pumping money into it. The Fed has basically been giving money to investors, institutional people, to go out and invest in securities, and ’cause Obama’s pointing to the stock market, that’s the focal point now to show that the economy’s rebounded and is smooth sailing ahead.

There’s even a piece at Business Insider today saying it’s all clear for the economy. We’re now on the road to full-fledged, unstoppable recovery. Now, what Obama did say at his press conference last week — and we played the sound bite — was that anything bad that happens next month, next week, next two months, next week three months, next six months, it’s the fault of the Republicans, it’s due to the sequester. He made that prediction. That’s talking the economy down. He’s purposely inflicting pain and suffering on people economically. The way he set things up, he doesn’t really benefit from a rebounding economy, not without a lot of spin, which they’re entirely capable of.

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