“The Amazing Race” Apologizes


Too little too late?

I never watched this show The Amazing Race. You ever seen that show? It’s Sunday nights on CBS. We do watch The Good Wife, and I have it set to record every night at nine o’clock. So I checked it last night just to make sure that it was recorded. I also get it off Apple TV the next day, off iTunes.

But I just wanted to make sure it recorded, because half the time in the football season it doesn’t. CBS has a late game, the late game goes long, and everything in the primetime schedule is delayed. But the DVR schedule is not delayed to accommodate it. I forgot that the NCAA Basketball Tournament was on and that CBS has that, so I turned it on and The Amazing Race was at nine o’clock on my DVR and not The Good Wife. So it took about two seconds for me to figure out what happened.

The basketball game ran long and everything else was delayed, but the DVR schedule at DirecTV wasn’t changed to accommodate it. I had never watched The Amazing Race but I did fast-forward and see about 30 minutes of it at four-times normal speed just to find where in my one-hour recording The Good Wife began, where it started. I just wanted to make sure it got recorded. I didn’t see anything. I never watched the show. Well, I get up today and CBS apologized for last night’s episode of The Amazing Race.



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