Statists Must Wipe Out Religion and Instill Blind Faith in Government


Look, folks, it’s this simple. For leftists — and leftists today are Democrats. I mean, the Democrat Party is the repository for liberals and leftists today, and their church is the state. There is a reason why Karl Marx and every communist, socialist philosopher has wanted to do away with religion. They want there to be only one faith: the state. Blind, unalterable faith in the state. And the church, any church, is a competitor and therefore a threat. People who exhibit blind faith in their religion must be found and turned. I don’t care where you go, I don’t care what communist philosopher you read, they have to wipe out religion. And they go to great lengths to convince their people that there is no god.

The old Soviets used to do it. Fifth grade classrooms or whatever the equivalent, they’d put two pots, each containing flowers, in a window. They would tell the students, “We’re gonna water one. We’re gonna take care of one. We’re gonna leave the other one to God.” And of course the flowers that they took care of and watered and fed bloomed and flourished, and the ones that they left alone withered away and died. And they said, “See, the flowers left to God died. There is no god.” And that’s how they did it. And they did it with many more examples than that. This is why, folks, I am so unalterably opposed to liberalism. One of the many reasons why I am just unalterably opposed to liberalism.

The state is not the repository of all the answers. The state is not where you ought to have your blind faith. The state will never care as much about you as you care about yourself. The state will never care for you as much as you care for yourself. The state will never be as concerned about you as you will be for yourself. But it’s hideous. And so that’s why all these leftists in the media and elsewhere constantly attack the Catholic Church and the pope. Competitors. They are competitors. That’s why they must be discredited or manipulated, intimidated into reforming. It won’t happen, but that’s what the effort is and why it will never go away.



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