Spokeskid Jay Carney Says Old Man Woodward Has His Head in the Sand


I should say I’ve been keeping track of this at PJ Media.

AARP is not happy with David Plouffe’s tweet about Woodward being too old to do his job well anymore. They are not happy about it. There’s nothing they can do about it but they’re not happy about it. Woodward is the first guy to actually draw blood from this regime in five years — and that, the regime doesn’t like.

Our old buddy Ron Fournier at the National Journal has a piece about this, and he said you people are being bamboozled if you think this is about threats.

The reason this story is important to you has nothing to do with threats. “The fight between the White House and journalistic legend Bob Woodward is a silly distraction to a major problem: The failure of President Obama and House Republicans to lead the country under a budget deadline. Woodward-gate is a distraction the White House welcomed, even encouraged, as part of a public-relations strategy to emasculate the GOP and anybody else who challenges Obama.”

This is Ron Fournier writing this! This guy’s a former lapdog.



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