Sixth Graders Start Facebook Page Begging WH Not To Cancel Tours


Hundreds of school kids who have dreamed of visiting the White House on their spring break are now dealing with disappointment. Their plans have been dashed. Less than 24 hours after the Obama administration canceled all White House tours indefinitely, parents and children from across the country have been speaking out about their frustration with Washington’s sequester.

Their message to lawmakers? “The White House is our house! Please let us visit!” chanted a group of a dozen 6th graders from Waverly, Iowa, on a call with ABC News’ Jonathan Karl.

The group from St. Paul’s Lutheran School, just outside Cedar Falls, received the news of their canceled tour from Rep. Bruce Bailey’s office earlier today. They are headed for Washington a week from Friday, after months of fundraising and building excitement.

“It’s a major disappointment for them,” said Karen Thalacker, the mother of 12-year-old Malcom Newell, who was to go along. “Our kids have done everything we have asked them to do and more. Now for us to say something out of our control is making their White House trip impossible is really disappointing.”



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