Senator Cruz Offends Senator DiFi


Here’s the thing, folks. You know, Dianne Feinstein got famous for being around when Harvey Milk was assassinated in San Francisco. That’s how she became mayor, and she was on the scene when he was killed, and that’s what she’s talking about when she says that she’s seen the gore and the bullet holes, and she’s plugged her finger in there and all that. The thing is, nothing in her bill would have prevented Harvey Milk’s murder. Which doesn’t matter. You see, all that matters is that she is trying to eliminate suffering and she’s exhibiting compassion.

So she wants to exempt 2,200 weapons. The problem is the Constitution doesn’t exempt, the Second Amendment doesn’t exempt anything. And if I may be so bold, the Second Amendment is in the Constitution to help citizens protect themselves from people like Dianne Feinstein who would come along, and if they could determine what words you can and cannot say, where and where you can’t say them. The Constitution is there to protect you from mayors like Mike Doomberg who wants to tell you how big your beverage can be. He’s not a federal official, I understand. But the principle is the same.

The Constitution was written to protect individual freedom and limit the ability of the government to encroach upon it. And it’s been turned upside down now. The liberals don’t like that. The Democrats are very unhappy. The Constitution limits government too much. So they want to rewrite it, have a second Bill of Rights. They call it a charter of negative liberties, which we all find strange. The Constitution, negative liberties? It defines our freedom. But not them in government. Government limits their freedoms. So that’s why it’s negative. So they want a new Bill of Rights that spells out what government can do instead of a Bill of Rights that tells government what it can’t do. And so everything is out of phase. Cruz understands this, and every Democrat shakes in fear when he opens his mouth about the subject.



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