Secretary of State Dennis Rodman


So now whatever goodwill that Rodman had built up just went out the window. Now we’re comparing Kim Jong-un to Bill Clinton. It’s power. Just like we do over here in America. It’s amazing. We have presidents over here do the same thing. Who would be more likely to tell the truth about Benghazi: Dennis Rodman, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, or John Kerry? If we could send any of these people over there to research this and find out what really happened, who would be more likely to find the truth and then tell us? Dennis Rodman, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, or Barack Obama.

Now, wait, we’re not through here. So what did Rodman just do? He just defended a murderer. Stephanopoulos pointed out, well, look, by the way, not hypothetically a murderer. He’s an authoritarian dictator that murders people. It’s what they do. Rodman says, “Well, guess what? It’s just like we do over here in America, right? It’s amazing, we have presidents over here do the same thing, right?” Murder people. “It’s amazing that Bill Clinton could do one thing and have sex with his secretary, do one thing and really get away with it and still be powerful.” I didn’t know that Rodman had a problem with Monica Lewinsky. And maybe he doesn’t. He didn’t say problem. He just said, hey, it’s just like North Korea. Did you know that Kim Jong-un was banging an intern? He must have learned that over there.

It reminded me April 22, 1971. Here we got Dennis Rodman who goes to North Korea, comes back, and what does he do? He basically establishes a moral. I know, folks, we’re just having fun with this, but look, it works. We’re dealing with somebody who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. But who on the Democrat side really does? Remember John Kerry, April 22nd, 1971?



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