SCOTUS Questions on Gay Marriage Would’ve Been a Sanity Test in Earlier Eras


This is the same Supreme Court that said Obamacare is constitutional. No way do conservative win here.
Check it out:

You know, I got a note from a friend last night and this is a really good point. This guy, he was in California about the same time I was. I was in Sacramento from 1984 through 1988. I remember — and I’m sure all of you who were of adult years paying attention back then, which seems like yesterday to me — the eighties seem like yesterday to me. It does not seem like ancient history. It’s tough for me to realize, but, to a lot of people, the ’70s and ’80s are ancient history. I loved them. I mean, they seem like yesterday to me, still like I’m living them in a sense.

Anyway, I can remember, I was in Sacramento and one of the world’s most famous feminazis came to town, this babe named Andrea Dworkin. Whenever she went to a restaurant, they had to expand the door. They had to send a carpenter in there and enlarge the doorway so she could get in. Anyway, she came in and she was one of the roving band of feminists that was preaching against marriage, as slavery. She was a lesbian, and sex in marriage was rape. And remember the law professor at the University of Michigan, the otherwise erstwhile famous feminist, Catharine MacKinnon? This is, what, 25 years ago, was teaching that even sex in a loving marriage was rape because it involved the subjugation of women.

Now look where we are. Now the same people who were out there trying to tell everybody that all marriage was slavery, now look at the big reversal that’s taken place. Now what do you think explains the difference? Off the top of my head, I mean, I could come up with a couple of different theories, but I hadn’t thought about it until last night when I got the e-mail. Because the note from my friend pointed out that five, ten years ago the whole notion of gay marriage hadn’t even been heard of, I mean not popularly. There might have been pockets of places in the country where it was bubbling up and being talked about, maybe 15. But clearly it wasn’t that long ago where not only was gay marriage not on the docket, but marriage itself was impugned and blasphemed and criticized all over the place in modern liberal doctrine.



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