Mitt Romney, in an exclusive interview with “Fox News Sunday,” said Washington is letting a “golden moment just slip away with politics,” as he described watching the unfurling fiasco over the sequester. He described it as the “hardest” part about losing in November.

The 2012 Republican presidential nominee and his wife Ann spoke extensively with “Fox News Sunday” in their first post-election interview.

Romney said the automatic spending cuts which take effect Friday should be seen as an “opportunity” to finally solve America’s fiscal problems – by coming together on a “long-term fiscal” package.

“I mean I see this as this huge opportunity and it’s being squandered by politics, by — by people who are more interested in a political victory than they are in doing what’s right for the country. And it’s very frustrating, I have to tell you,” he said. “The hardest thing about losing is watching this — this critical moment, this golden moment just slip away with politics.”

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