‘Reset’: How Netanyahu Stood up to Obama–and Won


The mainstream American media are grading President Barack Obama’s trip to Israel as a win, after just a few hours of events and meetings. And it is a success thus far–even without the grade inflation from the “incestuous” American press (in the words of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu).

Yet the media are missing the real story: Obama’s apparent “reset” on Israel is a win for Netanyahu, who stood up to him–and prevailed.

The most important sign of that shift was the public green light Obama gave Israel Wednesday to attack Iran preemptively, if necessary, to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons:

And there is not a lot of light, a lot of daylight between our countries assessments in terms of where Iran is right now. I think that what Bibi alluded to which is absolutely correct is each country has to make its own decisions when it comes to the awesome decision to engage in any kind of military action….But we do have to test the proposition that this can be resolved diplomatically. And if it can’t, then I’ve repeated to Bibi what I’ve said publicly, and that is is that we will leave all options on the table in resolving it.



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