Republicans Allow Themselves to be Imprisoned by Media Lies


I sit here and I think it would be the easiest thing in the world today to be a Republican. I think this is one of the easiest things to oppose. This would be one of the easiest presidents to identify. But there doesn’t seem to be any desire on the part of any Republican anywhere to do it. Instead, they’re sitting around wringing their hands over why they lost the election, and they’re all focusing on the wrong things. And they’re all prisoners to the daily media narrative.

This is a fascinating piece here about Twitter. The Pew Research Center did a year-long study. They wanted to find out who’s there. They wanted to find out who’s using Twitter, who’s really spending time there. Who are these people? And the reason they did is because more and more, if you pay attention to normal, everyday Drive-By Media stuff, you see them report what they see said by somebody on Twitter. They report trends on Twitter, and it is done to create an impression of where the country is, because Twitter is thought to be made up of just average Americans tweeting their thoughts, anonymously, yeah, but still we’re getting an idea of where the country is.

So the Pew people were curious about it because Twitter is used by national reporters to gauge immediate public opinion of news events like the sequester, like Obama’s election, like the state of the economy. And it turns out, according to Pew, that a majority of the people who tweet are young Democrats who are there executing a political strategy. A majority of the people who tweet are young Democrats having been given marching orders from somewhere, and this gives Twitter the appearance of being unbalanced. It gives the impression that the makeup of the country and that the country’s national attitude is identical to that of the Democrat Party and of Obama.



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