Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) Busts the Regime on Vaccination Sequester Lie


What is happening here is that the regime put out this number that with the sequester, 2,000 kids would no longer get vaccines. The sequester cuts were $30 million. Obama had a budget presented where he cut $58 million, almost twice as much in his budget from this program, the vaccination program, and Obama assured everybody that there wouldn’t be one kid short-changed on vaccination, that there was plenty of room. We could cut $60 million, $58 million from the vaccine program, and no kid would be affected. After saying that in his budget, they went out and said the $30 million that the sequester’s cutting is gonna eliminate vaccines for 2,000. And this congressman, Andy Harris, caught him on it. So this is the next aspect of the conversation.

And Mr. Frieden, Dr. Thomas Frieden of the CDC, Centers for Disease Control said, “I’ll have to get back to you on that.” So here’s the bottom line. The president put out a budget this year, his 2013 budget, that contained a cut of $58 million in the child vaccination program of the CDC. And he assured everybody that there would be no reductions in children’s vaccines. Sequester comes along. Sequester features a $30 million cut, not $58 million, $30 million cut in the child vaccination program. The regime says about 2,100 kids are gonna not get vaccinated. And Andy Harris, M.D., caught this, and he asked the CDC, “Wait a minute, now, the president can cut $58 million and nothing happens to vaccines. Sequester cuts $30 million and 2,000 kids don’t get vaccinated. How does that work?”

“I have to get back to you on that.”

What it illustrates is that this whole sequester, fearmongering, crisismongering is nothing but a pack of falsehoods and that everybody in the regime is coordinating on this. Fifty-eight million in cuts to CDC would have no impact on child vaccinations if Obama did it. A $30 million cut due to the sequester and 2,100 kids don’t get vaccinated. They just made it up. They just lied about it, folks. And that is happening throughout the sequester argument.



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