Rand Paul Wants Marriage Out of Tax Code

Rand Paul

Rand Paul put a statement out on gay marriage, ’cause there’s a New York Times story here today: “Among GOP Voters, Little Support for Same-Sex Marriage.” I’m just gonna repeat something here I said at the close the previous hour.

I’m gonna help the Republicans here because, again, I don’t pretend to know how to get votes. I think I know how, but it’s not my business. It’s theirs. Nevertheless, if the Republican Party openly supports amnesty, they’re finished simply as a matter of mathematics. If there are 12 million illegals, nine million of those are gonna be automatic Democrats the moment they get the right to vote — and I don’t care what the Republicans do with turnout, policy, rebranding, there’s no way they can keep up with nine million brand-new Democrats in one day.

The second thing is, if they come out as a party for gay marriage, right here you have it. I mean, the polling data on this, from the Pew Research Center finds there’s hardly any support for same-sex marriage among Republican voters. You know, Rob Portman, Ohio, came out for it, because his son is gay, and there were a lot of responses in the Republican Party. I was, frankly, surprised. “Hey, our policies are not up to personal preference here.” He took a lot of heat from people for this on the Republican side.

“Our principles are not based on personal preference, otherwise we’d be liberals,” and then there were those who were sympathetic. Well, it’s his son. Anyway, Rand Paul said (summarized), “I tell you what. Let’s take the word ‘marriage’ out of the tax code and let’s just eliminate any special or different treatment for married couples in the tax code and that’ll end it.” Well, I’m not so sure, ’cause the Democrats don’t want it to end. Gay marriage first got started as, “Well, I can’t get to the hospital to see my loved one, and I can’t get the marriage deduction ’cause you can’t get married.”

So it did become a matter of benefits.



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