Putin Orders Ban on Adoptions by Foreign Gay Couples


Quite interesting. Not sure what to think here. Here’s my immediate thought: What about a mother who picks a gay couple to adopt her baby? This might not be ideal, but it’s better than no parents at all. I guess I might be a bit libertarian on this one. Sometimes you can see both sides on an issue. Your comments on this one will be interesting.
Check it out:

The Russian president has opposed the adoption of Russian orphans by LGBT foreign couples, and has instructed the government and the Supreme Court to prepare changes to existing law before July 1.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s order will most likely be fulfilled by the Ministry of Education and Science, which is currently dealing with issues concerning orphans and adoptions, Izvestia daily reported.

The ministry has not yet commented on the news, saying that Putin’s instructions had not yet reached their office.

Tensions over the issue arose in mid-February, after the French National Assembly voted to legalize adoptions by same-sex couples. At the time, the Russian plenipotentiary for children’s rights Pavel Astakhov said he would do everything to ensure that Russian orphans are only adopted by heterosexual families.



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