President urges Cyprus to “share the burden”


I know I’ve heard this somewhere before. Wait til they try to seize our bank accounts here.
Check it out:

Cyprus’s president called on the country to “share the burden” of solving its financial crisis Friday as banks opened for normal business for the second day, but with strict restrictions still in place on how much money their clients can access.

“The deal we agreed on, after the dramatic hours we all lived through last week, is without doubt painful,” President Nicos Anastasiades said during a speech at a civil servants union convention Friday.

“Everyone will have to make sacrifices as our financial situation, in the violent way in which it has developed, will oblige all of us to share the burden” to reform the economy, he added.

Lines formed outside some banks just after opening time, but most were gone by mid-morning. Before reopening Thursday, Cyprus’s banks had been shut since March 16 to prevent people from draining their accounts as politicians scrambled to save the country’s stricken financial sector.



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