Post-Constitutional America: The Trap is Closing


“A government big-enough to give you everything you want, is big-enough to take everything that you have.” —President Gerald Ford, Address to Joint Session of Congress, 12 August 1974

By tradition, Americans are accustomed to referring to themselves as free citizens of a constitutional republic, and not subjects of an all-powerful ruler or state. Today, however, evidence continues to mount that we are no longer a free people and no longer live in a constitutional republic. The increasing size and scope of government at all levels has been a fact of life in the United States for quite some time, but in recent years – especially since the September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks – that growth has accelerated dramatically. Under the Obama regime, it has gone exponential.

During the First World War, Randolph Bourne famously stated “War is the health of the state.”

How prescient his words remain almost a century after he first uttered them – for a state of war offers nearly-ideal conditions for government to seize and consolidate powers that far-exceed its peacetime boundaries.



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