Paul Ryan Presents a New Budget


Paul Ryan is the Republican in the House who is the budget expert. He is in charge, essentially. He leads the team that writes the Republican budget, the Republican blueprint. In this case it is a document that seeks to balance the federal budget in ten years. This is something the Democrat Party has never proposed. They have not proposed a budget in four years. Obama has, but it’s never had a prayer. His budgets have been so unrealistic that Obama’s budgets have yet to get even one vote from any Democrat. Not one Obama budget has ever gotten a vote from a Democrat. The Democrats in the Senate have never presented a budget. We haven’t been operating on a budget. The Republicans are at least accepting the responsibility, and Ryan once again has presented a document that balances it in ten years if it were to be adopted.

Now, there are people that don’t like it, even on the Republican side, because it has tax increases in it. Some would say tax increases on the rich. It leaves some of Obama’s big tax increases in it. But it would totally repeal Obamacare. Let’s first get into this by listening to Congressman Ryan himself from this morning in Washington. He had a press availability where the first thing he did was show a chart, which you can’t see, obviously, it’s radio, but he shows a chart that tells us the path that we’re on. And it’s inescapable to anybody who sees it, we’re headed to ruin. We are headed to absolute financial collapse. He’s got a chart that illustrates it, and then he said this about it.

RYAN: This is the picture that should scare everybody. This is the picture that shows you the path we are on today. We know, without a shred of doubt, we are consigning the next generation to an inferior standard of living. We know, just like in Europe, we are facing a debt crisis in this country. And a debt crisis hurts everybody. But the people who a debt crisis hurts the most are the poor, the elderly, the people who need government the most. They’re the ones who get hurt the first and the worst in the debt crisis.



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