Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin delivered the most scathing and electric rebuke of President Obama at CPAC yet by calling him a liar along with a litany of other one liner insults during her lunchtime address that repeatedly brought the crowd to its feet. Later in her speech Palin unleashed her wrath on Karl Rove and the assorted political consultants that she so despises.

After being introduced by Senator Ted Cruz in a surprise appearance, Palin unleashed a laundry list of zingers in Obama’s direction on guns, criticizing calls for a ban assault weapons and expanded background checks.

“It’s not about the bad guys, it’s all about the led. That chunk of metal solely did the crime,” she said, snarkly ripping the president’s gun proposals.

“That’s like saying that fork made me fat,” Palin said, moving quickly to her next zinger.

“More Background checks? Dandy idea Mr. President, should have started with yours,” Palin said to roaring laughter.

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