PA County Declares New Federal Gun Laws ‘Unenforceable’


A small, old rural county in Pennsylvania took matters into its own hands to protect citizens from what could be an overreaching federal government wielding future federal gun laws. Susquehanna County’s commissioners spoke out by resolution Wednesday in favor of the Second Amendment by making new federal gun laws “unenforceable.”

Republican Commissioner Michael Giangrieco, worried about the crackdown on guns right across the border in New York State, promptly took action. Giangrieco proposed a resolution stating:

“Any federal act, bill, law, rule or executive order that in any way infringes on our Second Amendment rights by attempting to reduce the private ownership of any firearm, magazine or ammunition shall be unenforceable in Susquehanna County.”

Republican Commissioner Chairman Alan Hall seconded, followed by Democratic Commissioner MaryAnn Warren. The resolution was then passed.



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